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Anchor Winch Articles

Salvagers Celebrate A Rare Anchor Retrieval

IN one of the most dangerous operations performed off the coast of Newcastle, a group of salvagers have reclaimed a 360-metre long anchor and chain from the bottom of the ocean.

Cruiser Suits All Tastes

PUT a group of boat fishermen in a room and the only thing they will agree on is that there's a group of boat fishermen in a room.

Crew Won't Drop Anchor On Dreams

For one particular crew, everyday life is a struggle so the Sydney to Hobart race is not so daunting, John Dagge reports.

Retro Rocket

The Lord 25 Fast Launch recalls glory days.

Packer's Starship Enterprise

Kerry Packer's new plaything will go like a rocket. And the towels will have monograms, writes DAVID LOCKWOOD. PSSST ... want to know what multi-millionaire Kerry Packer is shouting himself for Christmas? Too big to sneak through the back door, squeeze down the chimney or park under the tree, more